Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 Vote for Elimination and Voting Online [Vijay TV]

Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 Vote for Elimination and Voting Online [Vijay TV]: If you’re looking for Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 online Voting Process and easy way save your favorite contestant from elimination. So far in this installment of Bigg Boss 2017 hosted by Kamal Hasan had no provision for online voting procedure but it is expected to be released soon. Anyhow, here in this post you’ll find all the necessary details and updates regarding Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 voting process and Eliminations instant updates.

Bigg Boss 2017 Tamil by Kamal Hasan

Bigg Boss Tamil season 1 has made a terrific start in television industry. Due to the previous success of Bigg Boss Hindi in television made this Bigg Boss Show a brand and now every Indian follows and loves this show, Also this show has a widespread viewership all over the world. Due to this Bigg Boss Tamil season 1 is even bigger hit than Bigg Boss 1 (Hindi version) as per TRP ratings.

There are totally 15 People and currently 9 have been eliminated or evicted and currently, there are 8 contestants in the program.

About Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 Rules and Elimination Process

In Bigg Boss, 15 people has to survive 100 days inside a house (consisting of bedrooms, washroom, dinning hall, garden, swimming pool and other necessary stuffs for survival). Every week at the beginning around 3-4 contestant gets nominated for elimination based on some specified task or nomination procedure. Viewers cast their votes to save their favorite contestant from elimination. At the end of the week (weekends) Kamal Hasan the official host of Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 announces the eliminated contestant who got evicted based on viewers vote. Eliminated contestant has to walk out from the house without any money. At last, the only contestant left in the house is announced as the winner of the Bigg Boss show.

Kamal Hasan with Bindu in Bigg Boss

Currently Nominated Contestant This week (Week 11) of Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 are as follows :

  • Bindu Madhavi
  • Ganesh Vanketram
  • Harish Kalyan
  • Suja Varunee

List of Present House Members with voting details in Bigg Boss 2017 Tamil are as follows :

  1. Ganesh Venkatraman – Missed Call Number – 7210122304
  2. Vaiyapuri Missed Call Number – 7210122314
  3. Snehan – Missed Call Number – 7210122313
  4. Raiza – Missed Call Number – 7210122311
  5. Aarav – Missed Call Number – 7210122301
  6. Gayathri Raguram – Missed Call Number – 7210122306
  7. Sakthi – Missed Call Number – 7210122315
  8. Bindu Madhavi – Missed Call Number – 7210122316

Cast your vote to your favorite contestant on Bigg Boss Season 1 2017 Tamil hosted by Kamal Hasan now by giving miss call to number provided above respective to contestant names.

Alternative way to vote in Bigg Boss for your favorite through online is using this link. Visit Here.

Select any contestant and then select the quantity you want to vote for (Before that make sure you’re signed in to any google account). The range of vote vary from 1 to  50, you can choose any number by sliding that meter to any value.

Bigg Boss Vote (Online Voting) Tamil 2017 (Vijay TV)

Sample picture are provided below for reference.

Step 1: Search ‘Bigg Boss Vote’ (or) ‘Bigg Boss Voting’. Visit this link 

Bigg Boss 2017 Tamil Vote

Step 2 : Choose your favorite contestant and a popup window will appear. Slide the meter in range between 1 to 50 and click on Continue.

Bigg Boss 2017 Tamil Vote for contestant

Latest updates from house regarding elimination are updated below.

Last evicted contestant from Bigg Boss Tamil house was Gayathri Ragruram.

List of all the Contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 with current status:

Name Status
Aarar In the House
Anuya Eliminated
Shree Left
Oviya Eliminated
Bharani Evicted
Ganja Kuruppu Eliminated
Ganesh In the House
Harathi Ganesh Eliminated
Vaiyyapuri In the House
Snehan In the House
Juliana Evicted in 6th week
Shakthi Evicted
Raiza Evicted
Namitha Evicted
Gayathri Evicted
Kaajal Pashupathi Evicted
Harish Kalyan In the house
Suja Varunee In the house


Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 Latest Updates:

Week 11 Eviction: For the eleventh week of big boss, three contestants nominated in eviction list. Ganesh, Bindu, Harish and Suja are the participant who are in danger zone. These two now nominated for public voting, viewers can vote for their favorite contestant online and also by giving missed from mobile phone. Official online poll available from Monday 10 PM to Friday 11.59 pm every week.

So you can vote for the Bigg Boss Tamil housemates here and also check various other polling methods. Let us know your opinion about Bigg Boss vote in comments and whom you wish to support. Let’s wait for the winner.

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